Curriculum Development Consultant

Project Description
Msingi Trust with support from Voice is implementing a project titled “Feminism and Faith: 100 Voices for
Change” in Western Kenya and Nairobi. The aim of the project is to challenge the cultures of silence within faith,
investigate women’s multiple social-cultural identities and how those identities intersect or clash in the journey
to freedom, self-realization, and the pursuit of leadership within faith communities. The intended project
outcomes are as follows:

1. Women and Women groups in churches and theological institutions are willing and able to work on
their own empowerment.
2. Support the development of joint action plans to influence policy practice, attitudes and behaviours
of other social actors towards a feminist faith in churches and theological institutions,
3. Women in churches and theological institutions (as individuals or groups), as well as their alliances,
coalitions and networks, have the capacity to use a range of tools and instruments to influence key
decision makers.

Objectives of the Curriculum
Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. It encompasses a range of
socio-political movements and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and
social equality of the sexes. Through our just concluded baseline survey, we have established that feminism is often
misunderstood and the different groups that are pro-women and support gender equality still differ on what they
perceive feminism to be. Understanding of feminist theologies and its translation into practice was an interesting
topic that arose from focus group discussions and round table meetings.

We at Msingi Trust have found that there is a need to create a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the
different thematic topics surrounding feminist theologies and their application in the promotion of women in
leadership and the systemic transformation of power that women have access to, hold and influence within faith
spaces. In addition, we are interested in addressing the different ways in which feminists and faith leaders can
work together to empower women to attain their freedom through advocating for inclusivity and equality.
The curriculum will be used in training conducted by Msingi Trust targeting persons within academia, theological
and religious. institutions, faith leaders and feminists. The curriculum development process will be very inclusive.
Specific topics will be discussed with the successful consultant and will be based on information gathered from
multiple resources including our Feminism and Faith Baseline Survey Report. It is important to us to have a true
reflection of the importance of liberated gender practices within communities and the impact of official policies
(from grassroot to international level) on the leadership structures within faith spaces.

The consultant will be expected to do the following to develop a Feminism and Faith Curriculum to be used in the
Msingi Trust Trainings as well as the learning and teaching materials related to it. The curriculum should include
but is not limited to instructor’s guides, lesson plans, activities, discussion topics, learning objectives.
The curriculum must be grounded in best practices, use clear and well-designed structure for organising topics,
lessons and overviews. There should be an intuitive format that allows for the introduction of new ideas and
prompts application of these concepts in day-to-day activities. Instructional strategies, and learner assessment
strategies to equip future facilitators/instructors with all the needed materials to deliver the training in both
formal and/or informal situations are key. Msingi Trust also requires the ability to edit the curriculum and
documents once the finalized materials are complete, so that the formatting can act as a functional template for
future content creation and addition or changes to the materials.

This project will be a good fit for a consultant with a background in curriculum development and design,
experience building workforce development curricula, or designing sector specific training programs.
As the successful candidate the consultant need demonstrate:
● Experience in curriculum development and facilitation experience
● Strong editing, writing, organizational, and communication skills.
● A clear understanding of diversity, equity, cultural competence, and anti-oppression principles and practice;
● Experience and comfort working with network organizations and/or collaborations;
● An understanding of the non-profit sector; and organizations in related lines of work
● Familiarity with the developing customize training programs.
● Background in Gender Justice/Development / Theology will be an added advantage

Application Process and Timeline
Specific timelines will be agreed upon with the successful consultant. Interested consultants/firms must
include the following in their application:

Organisation Profile- Short description of the organisation, legal name and
Overview of Proposal- Short description of the work to be undertaken.
Curriculum Design Approach- Please describe your overall objective and approach to
curriculum design. If the consultant would like to partner
with another consultant, please include in the proposal.
Qualifications- Please describe the educational and professional
background of key staff/trainers, ideally with resume(s)
and sample(s) of past work.
Cost Estimate Include a performance- based budget based on specific
Implementation Timeline- Give a general sense of when work would commence,
midpoint milestones, and complete.

All documents must be submitted not later than 31st January 2023 via email to with
the words ‘TOR – Curriculum Development Consultant, as the subject of your email.

Msingi Trust is an equal opportunity employer and we invite all qualified candidates to apply, especially
women. While we appreciate all applications, we will only reach out to shortlisted candidates.

Library Volunteer Assistant

Do you have a passion for books? Do you love reading and promoting literacy within the community? If so, Msingi Trust is seeking a Volunteer Library Assistant for Msingi Trust’s community library that is soon to be launched.

The Volunteer Library Assistant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Library Operations:
  2. Assist with library setup, including organizing shelves, arranging books, and creating a user-friendly environment.
  3. Perform routine library tasks, such as checking in and checking out books, cataloguing materials, and handling library transactions.
  4. Assist library patrons in locating books, answering basic inquiries, and providing general information about library services.
  5. Maintain a tidy and organised library space by shelving returned books and ensuring proper placement of materials.
  6. Assist with library events and programs, including setup, promotion, and participation

      2. Patron Assistance:

  1. Provide friendly and efficient customer service to library users, ensuring a positive experience for all visitors.
  2. Assist patrons in navigating library resources, including online databases, e-books, and reference materials.
  3. Support patrons in finding suitable reading materials based on their interests and needs.

      3.Promoting Literacy and Library Services:

  1. Actively engage with library users to promote reading, literacy, and library programs.
  2. Assist in organising and facilitating workshops, book clubs, storytelling sessions, and other literacy-related activities.
  3. Encourage community involvement in the library by promoting library membership and volunteer opportunities.
  4. Collaborate with Msingi Trust staff to develop and implement creative ideas for promoting library services and events.
  1. Record-Keeping and Administrative Tasks:
  2. Assist in updating library inventory, ensuring that all materials are correctly labelled and tracked.
  3. Support Msingi Trust staff in compiling statistical data, preparing reports, and conducting surveys as required.

Qualifications and Skills:

The Volunteer Library Assistant should possess the following qualifications and skills:

  1. Passion for books, reading, and promoting literacy within the community.
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with library users of all ages.
  3. Basic computer literacy and familiarity with library management systems or a willingness to learn.
  4. Strong organisational skills and attention to detail for maintaining an orderly library space.
  5. Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.
  6. Patience, empathy, and a customer service-oriented approach when dealing with library patrons.
  7. Previous experience in a library, customer service, or community engagement is desirable but not mandatory.

Benefits and Recognition:

  1. The opportunity to contribute to the community by fostering literacy and providing access to educational resources.
  2. Valuable experience in library operations, customer service, and community engagement.
  3. A certificate or letter of appreciation highlighting the volunteer’s contributions upon completion of the volunteering period.

Note: This TOR is subject to modification as per the requirements of the community library and the availability of resources. Msingi Trust reserves the right to make amendments to this TOR with reasonable notice to the Volunteer Library Assistant.

All documents must be submitted not later than 21st July 2023 via email to  with the words ‘TOR – Volunteer Library Assistant”, as the subject of your email.