Msingi Talks

As an organization, we find ourselves straddling the worlds of faith and activism ,seeing how similar they are in the pursuit of wholeness for people yet how at the same time they all misunderstand each other and thus not fully able to build on each others strengths to pursue justice for their communities. Most Church Folk don’t know that seeking justice is core to scripture and activists do not engage with church folk in this way because they have been shunned, banned or excommunicated. Yet as seen in the Latin American Black American liberation struggle, faith and spirituality is an important aspect of the revolution. They are also not aware that pursuing justice is a biblical mandate

Our objective through the Msingi Talks in the coming year is to host conversations and meals for people who would not normally sit together – just like Jesus had critical conversations around food. The table should be a safe space for this and food is a powerful reason to bring people together. So the goal is to kick start conversations between these two worlds that serve communities

Msingi Talk Podcasts

Msingi’s commitment to content creation and conversations for justice led us to create the Msingi Talks podcast that hosts and incubates justice and faith conversa- tions. As a young podcast, that was birthed in September, the stats show that we have audience in over 15 countries which shows that the hunger for the content we produce is present and the audience .

Msingi Talks is available on all major podcast streaming channels.


Msingi Study

This is a study that arose after we hosted the first online Msingi Talks. The goal is to nurture conversations that question injustice and those that interrogate unjust power structures and invoke the fire for participants to be agents of liberation.

Urban Deacons Network- COVID19 Response

This COVID19 pandemic brings about many challenges but the greatest one of them all is food and daily sustenance due to job closure and losses. Majority of the people living in the informal settlements lack jobs and those that do they have jobs that depend on daily low wages and thus job closures implies lack of cash to meet basic needs. We will be concentrating our efforts in five informal settlements, Kawangware, Kibera, Mathare, Dandora and Mukuru kwa Njenga.

We have targeted to provide these food packs to minimum 2000 of the most vulnerable families in total, each having a minimum of five people per family which feeds them for a month.

The Urban Deacons Network is a COVID19 relief strategy network that was established by like minded faith based partners and networks that work in informal settlements. The member partners include; Msingi Trust Inspiration Centre Mathare, Center for Urban Missions – Church Army Africa; Tumaini Ministries – Kibera, Nairobi Transformational Network-Resonate Global, Divine Intervention Christian Church – Saika, True Vine Gospel Rooted Church- Mukuru kwa Njenga

In our first phase of food distribution, we served 7 communities 382 families with an average of 5 people per family. We will embark on phase 2 as soon as funds be- come available.

Church and Community Mobilization Process(CCMP) Training

Since October 2023, we have been hosting a Church and Community Mobilization Process Training. The training was being offered to Community Leaders, Human Rights’ Defenders and Church pastors from Kawangware. The course covers nine pillars: Bible as a Resource, Relationship Building, Process not Product, Sustainability, Resource Mobilization, Holistic Human Transformation, Empowerment of the People. Reaching God-Given Potential and Changed-Changed Agents. Through Tearfund, we introduced ‘Advocacy’ as part of what the Class is to learn in effort of developing key advocates in the various social issues addressed by various Class members.

In June 16th, 2023 we held the first cohort graduated. 16 graduates were awarded a diploma certificate in Church and Community Development.

Plans for the second cohort training are yet to be finalized. We will update you once we have decided.

Thank you for the support.

Strategic Planning

Together with the various events, we also spent some time in October and November with Msingi’s board refining our strategic documents, evaluating dreaming praying and planning for the coming year. We are committed to working towards our redefined vision- A Kenyan Church Pursuing Justice for all. We are committed to creating content, hosting conversations and creating opportunities for conversations where the Kenyan Church pursues justice.