About Us

Msingi is a movement that was established to mobilize, inspire, equip and network Christians towards social justice and social transformation. The name Msingi, which means foundation in Swahili is derived from Psalms 89:14 that states; “Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.” Core to our belief is that “Covenant members who practice justice and righteousness are to be active advocates for the vulnerable and the marginal and the people without resources and that then becomes the way to act out and exhibit one’s love of God.” – Walter Brueggemann

We long to see Kenya transformed because churches and people of faith understand their transformative role in society and have taken up the mandate to positively impact society as agents of the Kingdom of God for his Kingdom on earth. With over eight years work experience in the faith development and justice spheres in Kenya and South Africa, we have the understanding of how the two worlds intersect and how to be a witness of Godly justice to the world. We formally started full time work in August 2017 but had held various meetings at the end of 2016 and in April 2017.

How We Work


Collating, writing, and producing material for Christians, faith based development and justice workers in the country. The content is meant to engage participants’ hearts, hands and minds, and in so doing, equip them to address poverty, injustice and tribalism.


  • FRO – 2 seasons- 15 pastors & Activists
  • Change Makers: 3 classes – 30 pax
  • Samaritans Strategy – 2 seasons -15 pax
  • Trauma Healing- 1 Training – 40 pax
  • Worship and Justice -1 training
  • CCMP-(has been halted due to Covid) 10 pastors and activists


Initiating and facilitating talks, screening topical films, hosting sector specific events around faith and justice.


  • Podcast – 3200
  • Msingi Talks – Online – 17,000
  • Face to Face (2 Conversations) – 100


Creating opportunities for like minded people and organizations to incubate, network and work together in pursuit of justice in Kenya.


  • Urban Deacons Networks – Food Response 500
  • Liberative Sunday School and Subversive Sem – 200 pax – Weekly Trainings